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  2. Excelsior Jones - Sneak Peek

    A couple of sneak preview snaps during the setup of newly opened café Excelsior Jones. A beautifully fitted café in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Ashfield. that I have had the pleasure of photographing. These were taken during setup, so are just a sneak preview. More, ‘proper’ photos to come.

    All snaps taken on my fruity portable telecommunications device.

  4. A short edit version of the filming I did for the AASCA NSW Coffee Championships.

    If you like coffee, watch it.

  5. Ciao 2012

    Thanks for a great 2012. It’s been fantastic. Looking forward to 2013 being amazing.

    Probably will be my last IG post too. Going to a private account on there, and might not really add anymore photos. Depends on what they decide to do. I don’t like FB and the tendrils of it are deeper set into IG than I thought. Though I’m sadly not surprised.

  6. Stella’s Xmas Adventure

    (Sadly, not my work. As usual, this is brilliant - awesome work Lyn & Jesse!)

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  7. Brickfields

    This place looks fantastic @mecca_espresso team!! Beautiful new little bakery. Thanks for the invite, and congrats on the new project. Can’t wait to see it in action next year!

    (Still drooling over the Kees van de Westen ‘Spirit’)

  9. Homemade Xmas Treats:
    Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies


  10. Three rules of restaurant/hospitality web sites.

    1. No flash
    2. Don’t use flash

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